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How long is the course?                             8 weeks
How often do we meet?                             1 hour per week
Who is the course for?                               Bible Lovers, Hebrew\ Non-Hebrew readers
Where is the course?                                  Online
How many people on each course?         Up to 15

How to Sign up?                                           Email \ Phone\ Facebook
How much does the course cost?             $100 USD
How to pay?                                                   PayPal Transaction, Bank Transformation

Upcoming Courses Information:
5 March to 30 April, 2017    

Course 1: Jacob

This month, we are  starting a new journey with the character of our Third Patriarch, Jacob. We'll examine together the life of Jacob from the time he was in the womb of his mother until he came back to the Promised Land with his new name: Israel. We will also study about Jacob as a father of 13 children and as a husband of 2 wives: Leah and Rachel. 

Every week, as described in the
Syllabus, we shall deepen our knowledge about Jacob from another aspect that is related to time, place, relationships and status.​

What will I learn?

The double meaning of Jacob’s name
What happened in the womb of Rebecca?
Can parents have the same love for each child?
The birthright and the blessing- who deserves it?
The  relation between the tower of Babel and Jacob’s ladder

The courses are eight weeks long (8 sessions). Sessions are held once a week: Sunday  4:oo pm EST\ 8:00 pm London Time. ​For more details about the Course Syllabus ,
Click here

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Course 2: The Garden of Eden

Have you ever wondered how the world was created?

Let's Move back to a garden that was east to Eden and meet Adam and Eve .
The garden of eden story is actually the first story in the Bible , its the point that started the beautiful roller coaster that is called life between birth to death. Join me on a new & exciting  journey!

What will I learn?

What is good and what is evil?

Is the fruit that was in the garden is an apple?
How Steve jobs is connected to the garden ?
How the story send links to other stories in the Bible as the revelation on mount Sinai and the golden cult story ?
Who was the serpent before the sin?
Which options Eve had before she ate from the tree?
What is the term "an eye for an eye" and how it's reflected in the story ? 
What a man can find in the garden if he was speaking with Ezekiel the prophet?

Sessions are held once a week: Sunday  5:oo pm EST\ 9:00 pm London Time. ​For more details about the Course Syllabus,  Click here

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